About The Chameleonist


I am Yuri Bhanage.

The Chameleonist will be my third attempt at blogging. In the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to experience living, working, travelling and studying in India, China and the US.

Along the way, I’ve studied Mandarin, visited Old Trafford to watch the Manchester derby, lived in rural India and bumped into Nicholas Cage in New Orleans.

My thoughts and opinions are colored by the culture of these places I have lived in and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hence, the name of the blog.

The Chameleonist will be an outlet for my love of writing and sharing experiences. Occasionally, it will be an outlet for opinions I can’t condense to less than 140 characters.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to contact me:

LinkedIn        Twitter (Yuri_B)    Email (Yuri.BhanageATgmail.com)


Edit: A lot of people have been asking about the banner. All credit for it goes to the creative genius of Tanvi Gadgil.


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